All orders to clubs, teams and companies are special orders and made specially for you. It means that when the order is in production, it can no longer be cancelled. The right of withdrawal is normally 14 days when shopping online, but this does not apply on spesial productions like this.

You can exchange/return all standard stock items which is ordered through the ordinary webshop within 30 days, assuming all the products are unused and with all the labels still on. Standard stock items which has imprinted print designs, or has been throug other processing can not be exchanged. 

Lending samples
It can be wise to get a sample collection sent to you, so you can be sure that sizes and models are correct before ordering. Normal borrowing time on items is 3 weeks. If longer borrowing time is agreed on, this will be written on the order confirmation which is enclosed in the package that's sent to you. If you need more time with the sample collection, you have to contact your sales representative with us, so we can get it registered. We ask that the clothes is nicely treated, and it's important that the clothes is returned to us without damages, smelling or stains. If you want to test the clothes for exercise you have to make an agreement with your sales representative before we send you the sample collection. Trimtex is covering the costs of shipment for sending the sample collections and lending samples to you. Enclosed is also a return label, so it's easy for you to send the clothes back to us.  

All lending samples must be returned within 21 days. Unless the deadline is met, there will be extra charges.