• The women's Run Singlet is the perfect training top for women who enjoy high-intensity training such as running, circuit training or CrossFit. The singlet is light and comfortable to wear, and is made in a breathable material that has good moisture transfer. There are also ventilating panels at the sides which provide extra ventilation. The running singlet has a slim fit designed for women.
    kr 224 kr 299
  • The women's Flow singlet is a soft and comfortable singlet with a classic cut. This fitness top is designed in a technical fabric that is breathable, quick-drying and ventilating. The singlet also has a good amount of stretch, and with its fitted shape, it sits well on the body. The top is suitable for activities such as running, cycling, aerobics, yoga, pilates and other exercise. Try it!
    kr 149 kr 299
  • The women's Fast Singlet is a clear favourite. This is an elite model that is very lightweight, is incredibly stretchy and has a large area with ventilation panels on the back that transport sweat effectively. The Fast Singlet is a thin, technical and snug singlet which dries very quickly. For girls and women who do intensive exercise such as running, CrossFit, climbing, aerobics and step, this is a winner.
    kr 299 kr 399
  • The Shape Sports Bra is a sports bra made from a good stretch fabric. The sports bra has a snug fit and provides good support during training sessions. It also has ventilating panels at the front and back which provide good ventilation, reducing the amount of sweat that builds up and feels damp on the skin. The important thing to think about with a sports bra is that everything should be kept in place. For this reason it needs to fit well. This requirement is, of course, dependent on how intensive the training is - whether you are running or walking, for example. If you do not support your bust well enough during physical activity, you can also risk developing a bad posture during training, which can lead to neck and back pain, and, at worst, long-term injury. This bra follows normal sizing.
    kr 299
  • The women's Run Top is a soft and comfortable fitness top for hot days. The material is technical and stretchy, and provides good moisture transfer and optimal comfort. The top has a wide band of elastic that provides a secure fit, but there is no support in the top, so we recommend that you wear a sports bra underneath it. The fabric is double-layered, so there is no risk of the top becoming see-through.
    kr 224 kr 299

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