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  • Pro Classics ladies' cycling jacket is extremely close-fitting and feels sculpted to your body. It's completely wind and water proof, and has 3 back pockets for storing extra clothes or nutrition. The cycling jacket has a splash guard underneath the pockets to ensure that the inside doesn't get wet. The jacket is made from an elastic fabric that feels snug, but also very comfortable to wear. In spite of the cycling jacket being wind and water proof, it also breathes well. At the bottom of the jacket's inside, there is a silicone band to keep it from riding up. We focus on traffic safety, and have thus equipped the jacket with reflectors around the wrists and at the pockets.
    kr 1 699
  • The Victory ladies' cycling jacket is made from a soft, comfortable merino fabric. It has a full-length zipper in front and three back pockets, one of which is zippered. This cycling jacket has certain areas available for laser printing the club colours and logo, should this be desirable. This cycling jacket has a narrow fit, but is also stretchy. It's the perfect middle layer on cold days, or can be used as the only layer on slightly chilly days. There are reflective details at the pockets and around the wrists.
    kr 999
  • The women's Elite Lightshell RS Jacket is an excellent jacket for those who cycle year-round. This is a 2-in-1 jacket/gilet - the sleeves of the cycling jacket can easily be removed with the help of the zip, converting the jacket into a gilet (RS = removable sleeves). This is extremely convenient when cycling in unstable and changing weather conditions. The cycling jacket has a windproof and water-resistant Lightshell material at the front and on the back, while the sides consist of stretch panels for mobility. The jacket has an ergonomic fit and is adapted to the seated position you have when in the saddle. The Elite Lightshell RS Jacket is very comfortable to wear and ventilates well. It has three handy pockets on the back, reflective details, a dropped hem to the rear and elastic at the bottom. You get a lot for your money when you choose this jacket.
    kr 1 499
  • The ultra-lightweight Reflect Wind Jacket is the jacket for those who run, cycle, ski or roller ski in the dark. The training jacket is neon yellow and has multiple reflective details that make you more visible in the dark. The jacket is windproof and water-resistant, and has an aerodynamic fit. This light and airy running jacket has large ventilation zones at the sides and and under the arms so that sweat is easily transferred away from the body. The jacket has zip openings at the sides which allow you to access the pockets on the back of your cycling jersey. It also has a rear zip pocket, and there is a small bag which the jacket can be stowed in. It is perfect to take with you on an outing since it is compressible and takes up little space. Suitable for both men and women.
    kr 699
  • The women's Elite Thermo Cycling Jacket is the perfect jacket for those who enjoy outdoor cycling year-round. This is an insulated cycling jacket with a brushed inner surface that means the jacket feels comfortable and warming on the body. The cycling jacket has a close fit, and this and the stretchy side panels ensure good mobility. The fabric is also breathable, which is important when sweating as it prevents excessive cooling. The jacket has three handy pockets on the back, a dropped hem at the rear and elastic with a non-slip detail at the bottom. Safety is also important in the saddle, which is why this jacket has a reflector all the way down the zip at the front, a large reflective panel on the back and cuffs which are absolutely packed with small reflectors that provide very good visibility in winter.
    kr 1 599
  • The lightweight all-weather cycling jacket. A lightweight jacket for men with a tight and aerodynamic fit that will fit easily into your pocket or backpack and is that perfect all-weather solution. Made of ventilation fibres and offering practical zippered pockets and light reflectors, this is a great coat that is a definate essential for all of your sporting and cycling needs.
    kr 699
  • The women's Elite Lightweight Jacket is made from an ultra-light fabric and has a perfect bike fit that will give you a great experience in the saddle. The cycling jacket is insulating, windproof and water-resistant, so it is especially designed for cooler days with rain and wind. There are stretchy ventilation panels at the sides and under the arms which improve comfort and mobility. The cycling jacket is perfect as spare clothing, since it fits neatly into the pocket on the back of your usual cycling jersey. The jacket has a dropped hem at the rear, two zip openings through which you can reach your cycling jersey underneath, a zip back pocket, reflective details, elastic at the bottom of the jacket and elasticated cuffs. This lightweight bike jacket weighs only 127 grams at size M. An excellent choice when it comes to lightweight bike jackets.
    kr 899
  • The Elite Cycling Rain Jacket is a cycling jacket for chilly rainy and windy days that is as light as a feather. The cycling jacket has an aerodynamic fit that prevents it from flapping in the wind, and it is suitable for both men and women. The rain jacket's low weight and thin material mean that it can easily be stowed in your pocket and used as spare clothing in the back of your cycling jersey on days with changeable weather. The jacket is windproof and waterproof, with a waterproof zip and taped seams. It also has good ventilating properties, as well as laser-cut holes under the arms that effectively remove excess heat. The cycling jacket has a handy zip pocket on the back, and is equipped with plenty of reflectors on the front and back which provide increased visibility in the dark.
    kr 999
  • The Team Micro Cycling Jacket is a lightweight cycling jacket with a good fit. The jacket is wind and water-resistant, and is thus great for use on chilly rainy and windy days. The cycling jacket is especially designed for cyclists, and has stretch panels at the sides and under the arms which, along with the shape, give the jacket a very good fit. The jacket's low weight and thin material mean that it works well as spare clothing that can easily be stowed in the pocket on the back of your cycling jersey on days with changeable weather. The jacket is designed in a breathable material with ventilating properties. The Team cycling jacket has a dropped hem at the rear, three elasticated pockets on the back, an elastic waistband and reflectors along the zip. An affordable jacket for beginners and for training.
    kr 599

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