Trimtex collection

  • A great unisex headband, ideal for both kids and adults. The headband is made of an elasticated material with a terry lining... perfect for all sports.
    kr 39
  • The Flex cap is suitable for leisure and exercise. The lanyard is made of a soft and comfortable material with some stretch so it sits well on the head and protects against wind and weather. A tough cap suitable for moderate exercise and for leisure use.
    kr 119 kr 199
  • The Speed ​​Headband is a great headband for those who get a lot of sweat around their forehead/hair and want to keep the moisture out of their eyes. The headband is made of a stretchy fabric and has a nice and firm fit on the head. This headband is perfect for running, orienteering, cycling, spinning, handball, football and other activities where you sweat. Fits men, women, girls and boys.
    kr 49

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